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Procal Dairies is one of the largest independent dairy companies in Australia, suppling fresh milk and yoghurt products to local and overseas markets.

We collaborated with the whole team at Procal Dairies from the CEO, founder and design team to produce a website that would not only showcase their delicious range of dairy products, but also capture the company mission, culture and the process from farmer to production and distribution.

Working closely with the design team at Procal Dairies, we carefully planned out the website user experience with wireframes and sitemapping to give their design team direction on the look and feel and placement of elements for each page.

The goal was to capture the essence of the Procal brand and give visitors a smooth experience with a reason to keep coming back. We achieved this with the inclusion of a recipe ideas page and new dairy products released by Procal. With careful planning and a joint effort between the Procal design team and our development team, we were able to ensure a strong user friendly website was designed and built right from the start.

Services Provided

  • Website Layout & Strategy
  • Website Development
  • Responsive Website Development
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Sitemapping
  • Wireframing
  • Design Direction
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Project Management
  • SEO Optimization
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Procal Dairies


We worked closely with the design team at Procal Dairies from day one to carefully plan-out the website user experience, functionality and SEO strategy. The FL team brainstormed ideas that could be included into to website to help it rank highly in Google and give consumers a reason to keep coming back. After finalising the page count and content type, we set out providing the wireframes and sitemap to give the Procal design team direction for the look and feel, and placement of elements on each page.

procal dairy
procal dairy product listing


The Procal team were a pleasure to work with and by following our direction closely for the design, layout and structure we were able start development quickly and implement the planned functionality, features and code from desktop to tablet and mobile devices.

procal dairy wireframe
procal dairy site


By building a responsive site to various devices and screen sizes, visitors are able to access the website content including the product listings and recipes wherever they are. With a user friendly menu and interface, both consumers and potential wholesales can easily navigate the site to gain information and learn more about the company.

procal on mobile
procal on mobile
procal dairy

Milk Drop Animation


An animated milk drop feature was included on the functionality of the products and recipe page filtering.

When hovering over the milk drop, visitors are not only shown the option they are about to choose, but also get an effective eye catching element that adds to the experience of visiting the website.

Delicious Dairy Recipes

As part of the website SEO strategy and Google hierarchy mapping, a recipe page was included to give consumers a reason to keep coming back to the website. This gave Procal Dairies a feel good reason to give back to their loyal customers by supplying delicious dairy based recipes that were posted on their website and shared via social media.

procal dairy product filter
procal dairy

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