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Natto – Naturally Australian Tea Tree Oil – forge the way with industry-leading quality and standards in cultivating, harvesting and distilling pure and clean tea tree oil.

After 20 years, the established Natto brand was ready for a new updated identity that was more in-line with who they were, what the company stood for and the plans they had for the future growth of the company. The goal of rebranding was to strengthen the brands relevance with a modern, customer friendly look and to broaden its consumer base without losing loyal business clientele.

We wanted to develop a logo that had versatility within the brand and allowed us to use it easily across multiple digital and print media, while still being recognisable. Developing the master logo into a black and white version created an elegant look that could compliment any colour palette. Encasing the logo within a circle meant we could be playful in the way the brand was used, by either filling the bounding circle with colour or photographic mood imagery that would best communicate the identity of the new brand.

Services Provided

  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Industry Research
  • Full Logo Suite Development
  • Social Media Icons
  • 3D Conceptual Mockups – Packaging
  • Copywriting
  • Finished Art
  • Colour Meaning
  • Project Management
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The Natto logo is contained within a circle and appears as either black or white with no dependent colour as the focal point. By containing the newly developed Natto logo within the circle and keeping the main colour palette as white or black meant we had versatility with the brand, allowing us to use the logo as a tag or stamp (a bit like a fashion brand or stamp of authenticity) which makes the application across multiple media easy by giving the logo room to breathe while still being recognisable. It also allows us to be playful in the way the logo is used, by either filling the bounding circle with either colour or imagery.




In order to create a meaningful tagline that summed up the brand, we first researched the company and what exactly went into achieving the end result. We learned that not only do Natto cultivate, harvest and distil their own product but they are considered to be one of the largest privately owned Tea Tree Oil production plantations in Australia.

The Natto plantation is also situated where the original tea tree plant (Melaleuca Alternifolia) has grown for centuries in its natural habitat, with their distillation processes resulting in one of the purest and clearest forms of tea tree oil on the market.

‘As Nature Intended’ came to fruition during a brainstorming session, armed with the background story of the company and understanding the product with its many uses.

We wanted to capture the purity of the product and the sustainable farming practices Natto operate by that was summed up in a short memorable description. ‘As Nature Intended’ not only captured that essence, but described the brand beautifully.

Natto - as nature intended

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