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Celebrity Trainer is an Australian owned and operated fitness and health program guided by A-List Body Trainer Emily Drew; Exercise Physiologist and health and lifestyle coach.

The Celebrity Trainer team were after a fresh new look to their protein powder packaging that would not only help them stand out on a cluttered and competitive retail shelf, but also reflect the brand and the natural ingredients within the product itself.

Our goal was to match their already existing logo with a bright, eye-catching and sophisticated packaging design that would help emphasize who Celebrity Trainer ‘Emily Drew’ was and stand out as a recognizable brand on the shelf.

We focused on sharp and vibrant designs, using the logo itself as the main background element to bring it all together and allow the brand itself to really shine. Working closely with the Celebrity Trainer team, we were able to transform the packaging into a fun, bright and stylish design that was easy for customers to recognise while also appealing to the target market that the Celebrity Trainer team work with.

Services Provided

  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Packaging Label Design
  • Iconography
  • Copywriting
  • Conceptual Design
  • Product Research
  • 3D Mockups
  • Finished Art


Using elements from the already existing logo and sketching new illustrations, we were able to breathe life into the brand itself with the star being the main focal point and setting the scene.

Celebrity Trainer
Celebrity Trainer
Celebrity Trainer


Custom icon illustrations were created to highlight the main ingredients, which also included a supporting colour palette.

Celebrity Trainer
Celebrity Trainer


New graphic elements were introduced to the over-all brand and applied to the packaging to help support and lift it into a more visually appealing space. The brown paper, geometric patterns and torn paper look all add to the tone of voice that the brand reflected.

Celebrity Trainer
Celebrity Trainer

celebrity trainer

Using the same design across the range and changing the colour accordingly, meant we were able to create a recognisable product that easily stood out to consumers and also took the brand into a newer, more modern direction.

Celebrity Trainer

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